Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby To-Go Bags

Do you go to a lot of baby showers? I can tell you that I make it to my fair share and am constantly looking for a practical, useful and sweet present that I could give over and over. I think I found it.:)
You all know that I just had baby #4. I would have loved to be given this gift for any of my showers, especially in the newborn stage when life is madness and to just get your kids all dressed and in the car is a miracle somedays, let alone remember to pack everything for the baby! I have been caught in a jam quite a few times unprepared, so this idea makes life so much easier!
Erin Lincoln at Procrastination Station came up with this idea in September of last year, and I kept in my "have to do" project list.  I wanted to make this gift so that I could make it over and over again, though. Something that can be simple enough to just print out and sew and be done.  So I introduce you to:

What are Baby To-Go Bags?  The concept is simply a bag that the new mother can grab on her way out the door that has all the essentials in it ready to go.  Each bag has a diaper, wipes, a onesie (in case of a needed outfit change), and hand sanitizer. As the baby grows you can add to it what he/she would need (food, bottle, toys, etc).  There are four bags and they are numbered 1-4. 

Each has a corresponding onesie that goes with it (the design on the onesie and on the bag match). As mommy goes through the bags, she knows as she gets to number 3 and 4, that she should refill the bags.

Aren't they so cute?!  I found wipes and baby sanitizer in the dollar section at Wal-Mart in travel sizes..perfect for the bags.

I also added in baby growth cards to help mommy see the growth in her baby month to month.

I put it all together in a basket and added a few extra supplies to refill the bags underneath.

And added a card of congratulations. Simple and sweet.

So sweet, right?!  Well, guess what?! You can make your own baby to-go bags now too!  I am selling all of the files I used to make this gift in my shop.  You can choose between a boy or girl designs and will recieve:

4-3 inch circle designs for onesies
4-rectanguler designs for bags
set of baby growth cards
baby to-go and baby growth card tags
congrats card
and the directions to put them all together.

The boy designs look like this:

The girl designs look like this:

These will normally each sell for $15 each. If you buy both the boy and girl designs, you will get them for a discounted rate of $25 (saving you $5).

Remember, each set of files also comes with a set of either boy or girl growth cards:

For one week only you can get the boy OR girl designs in pdf file format for $12 each OR you can get BOTH the boy and girl designs for $20. That is a $10 saving...and imagine just how many cute baby shower gifts you can make with them!


So what do you think? Wouldn't this be a fun gift to recieve?!


Jeralyn said...

I love it! Absolutely ingenious! Definitely would've loved to have received one!

Jill said...

Super cute! Nice job! Smiles, Jill

Sarah said...

That little fox just kills me! Even cuter with the bow! :)

Gladys Mueller said...

i would love to buy this but how do you get it on the fabric?

gladys said...

I love this but how do you get it on fabric?
please email me