Friday, March 25, 2011

the last piece...and a sneak peek.

After getting to the baby shower last night and giving my friend her gift I had an "uh-oh" moment. I had forgotten to put something I made her in the present. Whoops!:)

But it did allow me to get a sweet picture of it today.  Here it is..

I make ties for my boys a lot, but I had the idea to embroider on them awhile ago, and this is the first chance I had to try it out. I LOVE IT!  It reminds me of a little grandpa chic fashion.   Little boys in ties melt my heart, so of course I had to add that into the present. (I mean, I just wanted to extend her baby shower!)

And here is a little sneak peek into my gift for a mother-to-be expecting a little girl soon!

Those little flowers are killing me. I want some of these shoes.:)

Thanks for stopping by.


Tess said...

So very cute...

Nate and Jessica said...

I bet you stole the show at yet another baby shower. :)

Sarah Wyland said...

So cute!

Rachelle said...

I don't know why I don't remember your blog-- or haven't seen it before but GOODNESS I'm in love. Just the thing I need on a Sunday.. start from the beginning and read it all. :)

Great work, pretty lady!

Rachelle said...

I LIED! I saved your wreath to my tumblr page a while back.. Gosh I'm glad I found you again! :P

Ammon & Nicole said...

Love the tie! I have been needing to learn how to make one...someday! Love your blog.
Nicole - your VT :)