Monday, March 28, 2011

a gift for her.

This is it..last baby post..for at least awhile!:)  I loved putting together this sweet little gift for a sweet angel ready to make her debut soon!  I'm all about baby girls in bright, happy colors..because to be quite honest..that's how girls come out, right?!

A few details:   (Clockwise from top left) 1-The growth cards were wrapped in girly fashion. 2-One of the outfits..I love dressing up the simple wrap shirts. They are easy to put a quick ruffle on..and a removable flower pin just brings a tiny pop of color that makes a big impact...and how about that sweet little skirt.:)3-a close up of the hair piece (fun to clip right on a headband) 4-a felt owl appliqued onto a onesie 5- a quick picture of the shoes 6- a close up of the flower pin!
Hope you have found a few new ideas or a new way to do something during my impromptu baby shower week. Remember to download your growth cards (only available for FREE for 3 more days)!

Come back tomorrow for a BIG announcement for what's coming up next week (so exciting) won't want to miss the announcement as some prizes are DEFINITELY involved!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Dandy said...

I am dying over the owl onesie! I love owls!

I'm loving your site- I won the giveaway you had over on Becky's blog :)

Ammon & Nicole said...

My heck you are one talented lady!!

Ashley said...

LOVE the outfit, it's so cute. I am obsessed with owls lately. You are so creative.