Wednesday, July 13, 2011

GO NOTES for HER...{new product}

One of my favorite things that my husband gives me are little love notes. I keep them. All of them. I even have the ones from when were dating...every once in awhile I love to go back and read them.  And I know a long time from now, my kids will enjoy reading them too and see just how much their dad loved me.

Well, we already did the GO NOTES for are the GO NOTES for HER:

same cards, just different colors..more appropriate for us!

Don't know what GO NOTES are? GO HERE to read about them.  And these are great to buy for your husband or significant him the pdf so he will get the hint.:)  Both of these sets would be really fun to print a bunch out and give as a wedding gift. Can you imagine if you started this practice from the beginning..THAT would be fun to look back on!:)

I will do the same deal I did last time. For ONE WEEK ONLY, GO NOTES for HER will be available for $4 as a digital download in pdf form.  It will go up to $6 after the week.
And to make it extra sweet, anyone who buys these this week will be entered to win the ALL of the other sets of GO NOTES....GO NOTES for HIM, as well as the sets that are upcoming (and believe me are SUPER fun!)


Tasha said...

I just love your go notes! They are fabulous.

Suze said...

Have made my order! I love these - such a cute idea. I keep all my love notes too!