Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Holiday Tag {tutorial}

Who is excited for Thanksgiving?  I know ours will be a little more non-traditional as this 38 week pregnant lady has decided to get take-out instead of cook a lovely meal, but either way, I know our day will be filled with many thanks, lots of family time..and a long weekend..(which may include building bunk beds). Yep, you heard that right, I will help build bunk beds, but not cook Thanksgiving dinner..it's all about priorities right now, people!

No matter how you serve up Thanksgiving dinner...today I have a fun little tutorial that will take you through holiday after holiday and can be used in so many ways!

Now, I don't know about you, but I have a lot of chipboard letters. LOTS OF THEM.  I have about 7 sets of all kinds of letters and the other day had to make some cute tags for a church activity,so I pulled them out and went to town.  Pull out all your chipboard letters and spell out a name or word you would like (in this case, I will do my own name).

 Hot glue your letters together how ever you please. Don't worry about mismatched fonts or colors..we will fix that.

Next go to your favorite spray painting spot..you can see in the first picture my fun from the other day!  Next, spray paint the letters all one color. I did white, you do whatever you have on hand, or what will work best for the occasion you are making these for.
 I love the crisp white..isn't it so clean, modern and fun!

And now this next part is again so customizable to what you have around or what you will use this word tag for.  In this case, I thought of a fun napkin ring that will double as a name plate so your guests know where to sit.  I simply took a grid journaling card from Becky Higgins and glued some vintage lace around the outside of it.  I glued the name right on the card and added a little more lace, then glued a long piece on the back that can tie around the napkin.
 And because I made it so neutral, it can be used over and over again..think Christmas, Easter, etc..
For Christmas you could use this as an ornament (imagine using the words "joy" or "peace") or for a gift tag.   So go grab your old letters and get making!

Thanks for stopping by...and happy preparing for your feast!


Jack Attack said...

Nothing wrong with getting take out. I have never cooked a thanksgiving meal in all my 33 years. We ski on thanksgiving so we don't have time to cook. We always go out up eat at the local resorts and it is the best way to fo thanksgiving in my opinion. We've been to some great places here if you need suggestions. Happy turkey day!

{amy k.} said...

i love these! and i love that you are getting take out- that is a great idea!