Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A few months ago I wanted to know any questions you might have for me..this question came up in about 8 different ways:

Where do you come up with the inspiration for your prints?

Funny enough, I don't find it hard to be inspired, I just find it hard to find time to make my inspirations come to life in a project! There is never enough time!  I thought I would walk through my though process on a print I am debuting today..(You can download it in just a few hours!)

I think you all know my love for Pinterest. I love how it organizes the inspiring things I see from all over and keeps it in one place for me.  You can follow my pinterest boards HERE.  So today, I had a quote I was working with, but wanted to make a girl version of the print.  I headed to Pinterest and to my "Projects to do" board and found this picture:

The mason jars, the hearts..the colors..it all just sang to me. So I kept that one out.

Then I headed to my "I love..." board and found this image:

This color combo is so happy, I knew it was going to be the one for this print!

SO after playing and drawing, after switching things back and forth a thousand times..I finally came up with this:

 Inspiration comes from all over..today it came from Pinterest. Tomorrow it may come from something my kid draws for me.  A magazine the next day..and a walk through the store the next.  I guess it is all in knowing what you love and finding a way to interpret that into whatever you do.

What do YOU do to get inspired? I would LOVE to hear!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted the lovely lady that made these creative hearts get some credit.

kiki comin said...

Perfect! I updated the link. Thanks so much for sending it my way.:)