Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Be LOYAL to the ROYAL within you. {Discounted Download}

Last week on my Facebook page, I asked if there was a quote that everyone loved from General Conference. This one was the one I decided to design up for the time being.  The original quote of this came from Harold B. Lee, so I went with that, and instead of making it gender specific (since it was spoken a few weeks ago to all fathers and sons), I thought I would make one for each a boy and a girl..afterall, are we all not from ROYAL heritage, and have much to live up to?!

This one will be blown up and go in my son's room:

and also available in these colors:

and this one will be blown up and go in my daughter's room:

Today will be the best deal yet. I am going to give you both 8x10 prints for $5..just $2.50 each..and of course you can print as many times as you want.  Think Christmas presents for church groups, for family..for your own kids!  So fun..and of course you will again be entered to win a $50 gift certificate for my shop and you will get a discount code for 20% in my shop! These downloads are again for Kiki Creates followers only..just takes a second on the sidebar..thanks.:)

Thanks again for all your support..and again for stopping by!

Remember to leave me a note when you buy what color of boy print you want. Thanks.

Be Loyal 8x10

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