Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Real Life Pictures with Melynda from Sweet as Honey Photography

So happy to introduce you today to Melynda from Sweet as Honey Photography. I met Melynda when I moved to Las Vegas, and she has been a great friend ever since. She is a super talented photographer, her style is amazing..she LOVES the "real life" moments, and you will come to find out as well, is very talented at photoshop.  I'm really excited to have her contributing regularly now and can't wait to hear her tips and suggestions for taking photos.  Here is Melynda:

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to work with Kiki and to be able to share a little bit of me on this blog. I currently live in Las Vegas with my husband and sweet little 3 year old daughter. My husband just started his 3rd year of medical school (which means NO more school thank goodness, but instead monthly rotations). I am a full time mom and I love every minute of it! In my spare time I photograph children and families and have such a passion for what I do. My goal as a photographer is to capture real life! I find myself drawn to the more candid and raw shots, rather than the posed and “perfect.” That is ultimately what fulfills me as a photographer and also as a mother. As the years pass by and as my children grow, I want to look back and remember what once was. I want to remember my daughter’s love for her favorite doll, her face when she belly laughs, and of course, all of her bouncing curls!

So that leads me to you!

It is back to school time. As your children are headed off to school and as the fall festivities are just around the corner, challenge yourself to get creative and think outside the box. What are some things you want to remember about this stage of life they are in? I know we are all prone to the classic “smiles on the front porch before heading off to the school bus” pictures (which are equally important), but I believe that the little things we tend to overlook will be the ones we long for most.

Here are some examples of my daughter.

In her room:
with her favorite stuffed animals.
dress ups and grocery shopping
I tried so hard to get her to stand still for a quick pic with the gorgeous background, and this is what I got instead! When I got home and went through my pictures I realized how much I loved this shot because it was all her!

summertime fun

Some of my favorite shots have been with her laying on the ground, me standing above her tickling her with my feet!

She wanted a Rapunzel dress for her birthday. So before her party started I took her in the backyard and let her make believe for a few minutes while snapping away.

This is the love of her life! I want to always remember how much she loved her baby when she was a girl. Such a sweet and tender memory for her mama.

I had to throw this one in because it is one of my most favorite pictures ever! My husband went outside to grill and my little bed head in her "sweeping booty" dress followed after him barefoot. I decided to go outside with them and enjoy the evening grabbing my camera on the way out. While sitting there watching them play, I was lucky enough to capture this perfect moment.

Remember that what you now think of as imperfect, will someday be perfect.
Happy shooting :)

She is amazing, right?! If you live in Las Vegas and need some pictures taken, she really is a patient and talented photographer. You can contact her through her site! Thanks, Melynda.

Also, you can find me over at Every Creative Endeavor today sharing a really fun FALL project you won't want to miss.  Head on over and grab yourself some freebies.

How do you document your children's lives?


Nate and Jessica said...

Great ideas Melynda! See you soon! :)

ifadoll said...

Absolutely LOVED your project over at ECE.

Also; you've been blessed with a beautiful daughter!

We're still trying for our own baby, but man, I think I will definitely OVER document my child's life, haha.

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Wow. Those are some really magical shots! Definitely going to have to pin these later so I remember to try capturing a few of those with our nearly 3 year old.