Wednesday, September 7, 2011

random inspiration.

Do you ever have those times when you have 5 different projects going on at one time?! I am in that predicament right now, but am enjoying every second because it is pushing me to get a lot done..and to be creative in doing it.
How random are these projects you ask?

Well, my husband and I LOVE throwing a good couples Halloween that planning is starting..loved how fun and quirky I could make the invites:
..and have so many fun ideas to bring into fruition before the party:

I have a few guest posts I am working on and these have been inspiring me:

and my daughter is REALLY into playing Littlest Pet Shop lately, so we are turning an old shelf piece into a little house for her little animals. And yes, this one is going to inspire me for this one again..except I think I will just paint everything this time!
So was that random enough for you?! Whew..I am off to work..

But I want some feedback from  you. Have you been to a fun couples party of any kind where you played a really fun game? I am looking for some fun new ones.:)

Thanks in advance and have a happy RANDOM day.


ifadoll said...

Absolutely adorable Dollhouse!

I also love your inspiration for the party. I love parties of all sorts, and this is an adorable idea!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

please please please tell me your thoughts for your couples halloween party...we throw one every year and i feel all out of ideas!!!! i promise i won't blog about it before you and will point to you when i do! i love parties, too!