Friday, August 26, 2011

Seek Learning {Free Print}

With school starting next week for my kids, I have been thinking a lot about learning.  Each year as school would start, I would be excited about all that I would be learning (and this was especially in college as I was doing something that I LOVED!). One thing that I have found out for sure about learning though, is that is comes much more naturally when I include God in it.  And to me, that totally makes sense, since He knows everything we could ever know...I know as I asked for help in my studies (especially those that just did not come naturally...hello, geology), it was much easier to understand.

So for all of you in the thick of school..or who have kids in the thick of it..this is one of my favorite scripture verses that reminds me to learn not only by my own hard work, but to include God in there too!

To download, simply right click on the image and save to your can print however you please!  Remember, free downloads are for followers of Kiki Creates only (Takes just a second over on the sidebar, thanks.)

Have a happy weekend.

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Katy said...

Love this! My husband is just about to start his masters studies in engineering here in Ohio with the Air Force (we just moved here! I'm the one who you sent the map pillow!)

Anyway I will have to put one of these in a frame for him for the office (we actually have an office space this time!) It will be perfect! THANKS!!

Veronica said...

Thanks for sharing!

Whitney said...

These are fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

Rebekah said...

love this! thanks so much for sharing!