Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School Inspiration

Well, Monday is the day for us. Back to school. I know many of you are already in full swing, but a lot of these ideas can still be used. I found them all via Pinterest.
For the packed lunches:

I do not like my child being bored with his lunch. Here are some ways to spice it up. 1-Phineus and Ferb lunch via here. (Some awesome ideas to mix up the old pb&j). 2-Isn't this so sweet?! found via here. Another really fun site to mix up the normal lunch. 3.Give your child a little freedom when it comes to deciding what they want for lunch. Found here.  And don't forget the GO NOTES to add little bits of love to your child's lunchbox! Find them HERE.

For a little Back to School Party time...or just School Party time!

1. cute cupcakes 2. Eighteen25 printables. (and they have a lot more back to school printables on their site as well!) 3.Fun little party!

Show your teacher some love:

And don't forget the details:

That should keep you plenty busy today! Do you pin? Let me know your favorite find lately...I love finding new friends to follow.:)


Jen said...

creating bento's is something I have been researching lately! My oldest is going into pre-school, and is a SUPER picky eater on top of it, so I've been trying to find her ways to make her lunches healthy and appealing! Here is an awesome site I found that has a TON of information on making sure cute lunches for kids:

( she hasn't posted anything in a long time, but she was super active before and there is a wealth of information on there!)

I'm also addicted to Pinterest, so you can follow me! :) here is a link to one of my recent Bento pins ( although I have a ton of boards that don't involve food!)

cute school ideas! makes me excited to experience school with my children!

The Crump Family said...

This is me on pinterest. Not sure if I gave it to you right but love everything you put on here, so I would love to follow you on pinterest too!