Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mommy Must Haves from a'la mode

I am so excited to welcome Shelli here today from a'la mode. If you haven't been, a'la mode is a blog you MUST follow. She has the funnest posts driven by interior design, fashion, and being a mom. She has impeccable taste..I just know you will love it. Go check out a'la mode! Take it away, Shelli.

Hi there!  My name is Shelli and I have a lifestyle blog called a' la mode. I am so happy to be guest posting for Kiki Creates as I love ALL things baby!  I am a first time mom of a little hot mess, baby k, who is 17 months old.  She is the light of my life!  


My Boss

I wanted to share with you some of my mommy must-haves for when you have a new baby! My friends can tell you, I tend to focus on finding helpful baby products that are not mass marketed, things you might find in a specialty boutique or perhaps in another country! K is the light of my life! She is now 15 months old and toddling around like a champ! What could I not live without as a mom thus far? Here ya go preggos and new mommies.... 

1. Wubanub paci - a paci must have if you baby takes a paci (and the paci attached is a soothie which a lot of hospitals use and will give you- the ONLY paci K would take). When baby is a newborn it helps the paci to sit on their little chest and keep paci in place so you are not constantly placing it back in baby's mouth when they spit it out!  Genius!  Also, when baby is older and loses paci in the middle of the night...the little animal makes it easier for baby to find and little cute chubby hands to grab!  Kendall's favorite was the kitten and the little lamb! You can buy one here or call here

2.  The toysitter - These little toy straps are not only functional, but cute!  We all know as mommies, that picking up dropped toys in the store is not only a hassle, but unsanitary!  The cute little straps make it easy for baby to have their toys by their side, but makes it easier for mommy to focus at the grocery store, ha ha!  The fabrics had me at hello!  You can buy one here or call here

3. The Mommy Hook - Once again, another product invented to help busy moms (aren't we all) when out shopping and running errands with baby!  I never go ANYwhere without my mommy hook!  Sometimes I use it to hold a little insulated bag with snacks inside for a walk and sometimes it ends up overloaded with shopping bags at the mall (much to my husband's chagrin, ha ha).  It is heavy duty and a great price point!  You can buy one here or here 

4. vital baby unbelievabowl - WHAT would I do without this amazing bowl? It is a European brand, but you can buy it off of several sites online like Amazon. Using the unbelievabowl shows baby how to eat out of a bowl, without the option of throwing the bowl across the room! It makes it easier for Kendall to eat foods like pasta, green beans, and carrots (her fav!) herself, rather than the flat surface of the highchair tray. Their spoons and sippy cups are FAB too! You can buy one here

5.  Hoppop bathtub - Remember this post? Such a great find! When your little one outgrows the 'baby' bathtub, this is a great alternative to putting them in the BIG tub, which can look really scary next to your still 'little' baby!  We started using this tub when K was 5 months old and are still using it to this day (she is 14 months old). It is made for 6-24 months and holds up to 50 lbs! The tub has a built in drain on the bottom that you just unplug and it drains right into your large tub. No lifting, no fuss, no muss (and it is SUPER light). The tub is VERY well made and should hold up for years to come, unlike the inflatable bathtubs that can create a mold that is impossible to remove.  You can buy one here


- Look further than Babies R Us OR your computer.  There are some really great products out there

-If you happen to live in Georgia, head to New Baby Products.  They literally have EVERYTHING.  Everytime I would find something online that was new and different, they already had it on the shelf, no kidding!  You can call and order over the phone, ask for Kelly or one of her sisters (family owned business), if you are out of state, the no tax cancels the shipping cost. 

Thank you for having me today for BABY WEEK!

Please feel free to stop by and see me sometime at

xoxo, Shelli

Any products you cannot live without as a mom?


Christina said...

Oh I can NOT live w/o my mommy hook!
I have 4 girls so I need all my hands and arms! Ha!


colds1 said...

The froggy wubanub is my 15 month old's favorite thing in the world!