Monday, April 11, 2011

White Chocolate Easter Basket {All About Easter}

So excited that I actually KNOW these girls now. Whipperberry is an amazing blog filled with eye candy, food and recipes, inspiration and tons of fun ideas. They even have the recipe to the best chocolate cake ever!  The ladies behind this fantastic blog are some of the sweetest I've ever met. Take it away, Whipperberry:


Hi! It’s Emily from WhipperBerry, and we are so excited to be participating in Kiki’s “All About Easter” event.
I made a pretty white-chocolate Easter basket that was inspired by Bakerella’s Pudding Cups. She dipped balloons in melted chocolate to make little bowls (see her cute picture below).
I dipped a larger balloon in melted white chocolate, placed it onto a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper, and chilled it. After the chocolate had hardened, I popped the balloon, and peeled it off the chocolate shell. I was left with a pretty white bowl!
I dipped another balloon, aprox. the same size, in the chocolate, and chilled it as well. Then, with a butter knife that I warmed on the stove, I cut a strip to use as my basket handle, and attached it with melted chocolate.
Using a flat paintbrush dipped in melted chocolate, I painted on the woven design. I colored chocolate with pink and yellow candy coloring, and spooned each color into a plastic sandwich baggie. After snipping the corner, I piped pretty Spring flowers onto waxed paper, and let them chill. I attached the flowers to the sides of the basket with melted chocolate.
For the eggs, I wrapped plastic Easter eggs with homespun paper yarn (for my tutorial, click here), and filled my pretty basket! Didn’t it turn out lovely?
I’m thinking I might serve an Easter dessert in it, but I haven’t decided what yet. Any ideas?

Is that not amazing or what?! Make sure to hop over to Whipperberry to check out a whole blog of FUN!  Thanks, Emily.

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WOW!!! YES ~ It does look A-MAZING!! Great idea and LOVE the colorful photo to show it off! Gotta share this over on FB!

'Hoppy' Spring!!
:D Lynda

kate said...

mmm that looks tasty! I think I'd just put ice cream in balance out the meal.

Pineapple Muffin said...

Chocolate covered fruit! Pineapple... banana... strawberry... kiwi... it would add tons of color!

Britni Wing said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! I think I may try it in a smaller scale soon.

Ramona said...

SOOOO freaking aborable!! i may just have to try this!!

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

I love this basket! Fill it with angel food cake and strawberries! Anything would look lovely!
Great Job, Emily!

Unknown said...

Um, wow! Whipperberry ladies are awesome! I didn't think I could love chocolate more, but this has proved me wrong.

Just Rhonda said...

Holy that is cute! I was thinking fruit too or little meringue cookies shaped like bunnies.