Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ruffled Greeting Cards {All About Easter}

I have LOVED Kate at See Kate Sew for awhile so you can imagine how intimidated I felt when I learned I would be competing against her in Crafting with the Stars!  She is an incredible seamstress..original in her designs and love her simple, sweet style.  Meet Kate:

First of all, I'm so honored to be on Kiki's blog today. I think her designs are so clean and perfect. Plus, she has the coolest name ever. Thanks for having me! 

So, let's talk about Easter. I'm kinda lazy when it comes to really decorating for holidays. They always seem to come so quickly and I never have time to craft for them. I think I'd rather be making baby clothes. 
So when Kiki asked me to come up with an Easter idea, all I could think about what Easter Sunday and dresses and pretty fabrics. I translated that thought into a greeting card project, because I love sewing through paper, too. 
Since I'm having a ruffle event on my blog, I thought it would be perfect. Ruffles and Easter go great together.

So come on over to my blog, see kate sew, for the DIY instructions for ruffled greeting cards!

Don't you LOVE those?! I am so with Kate on this one...the only thing I use to sew on my sewing machine on a regular basis is paper..and I still do!  Head over to See Kate Sew for the details and stay and check out her projects. She is having a fun ruffle event going on right now...in which I will be guest posting soon..so excited!

Don't forget to enter this week's giveaways. There are some really fun items up for grabs..come and check them out. (click on the image!)


Ramona said...

so cute and easy! i think i officially need to buy a sewing machine and, well, learn how to use it!

Ramona said...
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Holly S said...

I Love ruffles too!!! Off to check out her blog...thanks for the heads up!

Dan.Eliot said...

It is great fun to give out professional looking greeting cards, only for people to discover that you created those custom greeting cards yourself. I have had family members, associates and even clients get amazed at the level of customization and professional finish that my own greeting cards