Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pottery Barn Knock-Off Bunnies {All About Easter}

Welcome back for our double dose of Easter today!  This next guest is one of the funnest bloggers you will ever meet. She has a sassy sense of humor, a love of the thrift store, and a great eye for design.  And she is a sweet friend, which I count a blessing in my life! Meet Tausha from Sassy Style Redesign:

I am so excited to be chatting with all of you courtesy of Kiki! First of all, I have to say that I adore Kiki! If you are regular reader of her blog, I bet you adore her as well. If you are a first time visitor, you're in for a treat!  Yes, she really is as fabulous as she seems!

Now that I have completely covered how awesome Kiki is, I thought I would share a little bit about me.
My name is Tausha and I am a Sassy Gal! Or, at least I like to think I am. I have the blog, Sassy Style Redesign. I am addicted to all things that can be spray painted. My glue gun and I are on a first name basis, and I’m really, really trying to get my husband to let me have diet coke on tap at my house! Really, think about it, how awesome would that be?

I get to go on TV and share with people what goes on inside my crazy head, crazy as it is.  The best part about what I do is that I get to be a mom to 3 chickadees who love my craft room, almost as much as their mom does.
sassy clan

My sweet husband supports my thrifting habit (most of the time) and my spray paint habit and the habit of being a little tense when I really need a diet coke!
(yes, we look exactly like this!)

I get to “work” with fabulous people! I use the term work very loosely. I don’t consider being able to go into someone's home, look at their treasures, move them around and leave them with a more cozy, inviting and welcoming space. Not sure I would even call it work.

One of my favorite things that I am blessed to do is going to LDS Relief Society’s and sharing how to make your house refuge from this world,  a place of peace. I love the gospel!  My Heavenly Father has blessed me beyond measure! How thrilled I am with the opportunities to be able to share the talents He has given me with others.

I adore what I do! I am blessed beyond measure and I will fully admit to being addicted to Diet Coke, chocolate and more chocolate.  Oh yea, and I love Pottery Barn. 

I love Pottery Barn and all the pretty pictures in the catalog that come to my house every month. I love the ideas and all the pretties, but not the prices. I know, I know, I am probably the only one who feels this way. So, what’s a girl to do when she loves Pottery Barn, just not the prices?

Copy, copy, copy!!

I loved this picture in the spring catalog. Simple, yet fabulous!
pottery barn easter table
Do you see the bunny theme?

I kind of love bunnies-a lot! So, I figured that I could totally make my own version of some Pottery Barn bunnies.

I headed to my favorite store-the thrift store and picked up some extremely ugly, almost scary looking bunnies.  It would have been awesome if I would have taken a picture of them before I painted them. Right? Sorry! Just picture ugly..and you will get the idea.

I pulled out some primer-an essential step if you are painting glass or ceramic. You get a fabulous finish when you use this.  I love Rustoleum’s brand-you can pick it up at the depot for $3.10 a can. yes, I know how much a can is..pathetic? Did I mention I have a spray painting cabinet that the size of a small car?

Wait-I found a before picture. He was in the corner of another picture. that would be why the picture looks a little pathetic. least I found a pic!

Make sure that you let the primer dry to the touch before you paint the color on. I used heirloom white, again by Rustoleum. What can I say-this is my favorite brand.

Once the bunnies were wearing their new Easter attire-I took some stain to them. They were looking a little too new.  everything looks better with a little age..right?

Pottery barn’s version is now sold out-so if you want some, you get to make your own! Super easy and extremely satisfying! I highly recommend this simple project.

Ok-now that you have the cutest bunnies on the block-what do you with them?
Display with a bunch of of other Easter crap, of course!!
First-shop your house for some books, candlesticks, eggs, grasses or green of some sort and, if you happen to have a birdhouse or a nest or two, throw them in the pile as well.

Then-go to town! In my opinion, the best part of decorating is putting it together!
the cute jar with gumballs used to be full. My children helped themselves. If I have told them, once I have told them a hundred times, the gumballs were not to be chewed-just looked at!

Add some old books from a scary estate sale, a teacup with fake grass and a ball made with lion yarn. Love the texture of that stuff!!
I had some feathers and thought that they would be super cute to add to the bird cage under a nest.  Who knew that trying to keep all of the feather in the cage would be the most difficult thing that I have ever done.

Love the results. I actually like my version better than Pottery Barn’s.

I have another table than got a little bit of Easter love.  Not a lot-just a smidge. (do you not love the old typewriter? $10 at a thrift store)

I have a friend who I “carrot” lots about. She made these darling carrots for me! I love them almost as much as I love her. 

I did make a few carrot versions of my own.  Again, they are both cheap and easy. Starting to see a theme here? Yep-I’m a cheap and easy kind of gal and proud of it!


I have rambled enough. I would love for you to come by and visit any time! You just never know what you will find.Whether it be something I made with my trusty glue gun or a home makeover that I HAD to get done. (at least that’s what I tell my husband) 

Come on, who doesn’t use a TV deadline to get their master bedroom,kitchen and craft room done? I promise, a visit to the sassiness will make you giggle at least twice!
Hope to meet you all soon!!

Have a SASSY day!

Thanks so much, Tausha. I want to find some of those bunnies BADLY! Love them.  Go check her out her sassiness at Sassy Style Redesign.

Thanks for stopping by today. Tomorrow we have an INCREDIBLE EXTRA giveaway..a little post on a recent Blogger's Night Out..and a SUPER fun project from one amazing LADY! See ya soon.

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Emily @ Remarkable Home said...

I sure wishI could find something cute to redo at my GOodwill! I swear I never find anything!

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those bunnies are too sweet!!