Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a BIG sale.

Every once in awhile I get a request for a big print. And I am talking 18"x24" big. I love seeing my prints in small sweet orders...but they are AMAZING in large print! I thought it would be really fun to have a sale for those who want to try out the BIG sizes.  A normal 18"x24" poster sells for $30 plus shipping, but for this sale, I will sell each one for $20 plus shipping..That's a savings of over 30%!

I like to stock up on them when I can so the prints above are some of the ones that I have in stock.  These will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  In stock I have:

2- light blue I Love You Because prints
2- There Is No Place Like Home prints
1-gray I Love You Because Print
2-navy Whatever Thou Art prints
2-springy yellow I Love You Because prints

But imagine how fun it would be to have your family tree print done BIG, how about an I heart my state print?!  I can do ANY print that size, so let me know what you would like to see!  To order any of the prints listed above, or to custom order any other 18"x24" print, email me at:

kikicreates at gmail dot com

and I will put a custom order up for you on my site!

EDITED: All other prints on my site will be 10% off for one week only. Enter BIG10 when you checkout!

In other news:

Rebecca from Simple As That has some really fun FREE spring printables to use in your spring projects. She sent me some early..and here is what I did:
fun, right?! Go get them HERE.

the winner of the blog makeover goes to:

Simply Sara.

Email me and I will get you connected to Kristi.

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