Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the easter dress.

I have been getting the magazine Chasing Fireflies for a few years now. They have amazing toys and costumes for kids. But I drool over their dresses. Seriously.  I love so many of them so much.  They seem to get whimsy and gorgeous and delicate and 100% girl all in the the same dress, everytime!  So when I saw this dress, I swooned once again:

I love the bow, the detail on the back, the ribbon tie ups in the back. But not for $98.

SO I decided to try it for my daughter's Easter dress.  I can't say that all of my creations turn out..but I was so happy with this one...
I just picked up 1 1/2 yards of fabric, measured and cut and measured again, until I got it just how I wanted it. I changed a few things..I love how I wrapped the fabric around the body and ended with a little bow.  So sweet.
She was pretty happy about the whole thing, and so was I...especially the $12 price tag.  Not too shabby!

And of course we HAD to let her climb stairs...
because look at that ruffle bum!
Doing this has made me want to try it more often!  Hmmm...which one next...

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cheeks said...

darling! you never cease to amaze me! and the ruffle bum....too cute for words!

Gina said...

Yours is way cuter than the magazine. I love the colors you used. She looks so adorable in that dress. I can't believe you made it. Awesome!