Monday, January 16, 2012

A new store, a BIG sale and some cute kids!

So many fun and exciting things to share with you today!

#1- Do you remember when I announced this new venture?

Well, today is step one of that adventure. Here you can see a screen shot of my new store:

 And here is a LINK to that store!  My etsy store will still be up, so you can still order the bulk of my prints through there until I get everything over to the new store. 

 I'm excited to tell you though that I have an OVERSTOCK sale going on right now at the new store. What is overstock? I have a ton of prints that are perfectly new that are just extras from boutiques and sales. There may be 15 of one style and maybe just 1 of another! It will definitely be hit and miss.  I have all the 5x7 Overstock inventory up and will be adding 8x10 and bigger prints throughout the next few days.  EVERY 5x7 will be $5.00. That is 50% off the normal price! I promise these won't last long so go stock up now!  Also with this new store I will have a $5.00 flat shipping rate within the US and a $7.00 flat shipping rate for all international orders, so whether you order 1 or 10, shipping will all be the same! This new platform is so nice for all kinds of product as you will see in the upcoming days.  The overstock items are organized by print and color, so what you see on the screen in pictures is not all there is..there are a ton of options (especially on the I Love You Because prints), you just have to click on the image and then check out the drop down menu!

I will soon be adding a clearance section. Clearance items are final sales of prints that are almost perfect. They may have a small white or black dot on them due to a printing error or a small line across the top or bottom. I would not sell something that is not frame worthy, but these will be DEEPLY discounted because of their flaws!

As new products appear, I will let you know about them!  I also want you to know the new site is soon to be worked on and done as well. Will I keep the logo and design above? Who knows...but I will let you know when it is all ready. I have so many fun things up my sleeve!:)

And lastly, I just wanted to show you one more screen shot of my desktop:

Is that not the most fantastic picture?! The amazingly talented Melynda from Sweet As Honey Photography was at my home on Friday taking newborn pics of Maxwell and caught some great ones of my 4 kidlets! Can't wait to show you all the pictures. There are times when my life gets so crazy, and it is just nice to turn the screen on and remember just how lucky and blessed I am. And I truly am.

Thanks for stopping by. Now get yourself over to the shop and stock up!


The Miller Five said...

That is a darling picture! What cute kids!

Fuhriman Family said...

Quick ?, Can I combine shipping if I buy some 5x7 prints now and then some 8x10 prints later this week??? Or do I need to pay shipping on each order??

Anna said...

Jeepers! Maxwell already looks so old! :) So cute of the kids!

Amber and Jared said...

Such a cute picture! Your kids are getting so big!