Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grail or Fail {Covergirl Product Review}

want to know my favorite thing about my job? when products like this show up in the mail for me to review. i am a self-confessed beauty product junkie and will try anything and everything (at least once). before blogging, i would spend a lot of time browsing the cosmetic aisles looking for the latest product releases and trying to decide whether our budget could afford yet another lipstick/gloss/mascara/blush/liner. a big thanks to COVERGIRL for sending me these awesome samples of newly released products to review for you guys!

included in the shipment were COVERGIRL's 2-in-1 Foundation and Simply Ageless Foundation, LashBlast 24HR Mascara, and BlastFlipstick. since the foundations have unique formulations that help improve skin tone over time, i will review them for you once i have used them for the recommended time period. however, the mascara and lipstick were ready to be used and reviewed immediately so here is what i thought:

the LashBlast 24 HR Mascara is designed to be a long lasting formula that will eliminate the need for reapplication. although it is long lasting, this formula removes easily without tearing out your lashes. my biggest pet peeve of mascara is how easily it will remove from your lashes and this one passes with flying colors. the price point ($8) is right on target making this affordable and accessible.

initially, i was a little thrown off by the applicator. the picture above shows the thick core as well as short bristles. once i used it, i was a fan. the shorter bristles coat your lashes well and don't catch. this is especially important when trying to apply mascara to the tops of your lashes right at the lash base. a notoriously difficult spot to reach without rubbing mascara all over your freshly shadowed lids, the short bristles reach it wonderfully with no mascara out of place.

the formulation does last the claimed 24HRs, although i wouldn't recommend wearing mascara any longer than that. i didn't notice any rub off or smearing on my undereye which is also an added bonus. the picture below was taken late afternoon (mascara was applied early morning) and you can see the color still looks good.
in this picture i am also wearing my new BlastFlipstick. the BlastFlipstick has two lipstick colors allowing you to blend and create your own unique shade. the application of this lipstick is very smooth and i love that the colors give you an easy natural look. oftentimes lipsticks can be TOO pigmented making your every day makeup look forced. but isn't that the COVERGIRL logo? easy breezy beautiful COVERGIRL. this lipstick is definitely all of the above.
the pricepoint for this little gem is also $8 which makes it a great companion for your purse, car, diaper bag, etc. having one of these BlastFliptsticks close by lets you quickly create your unique look while on the go.

both products receive the GRAIL review. they work well, their pricepoint is accurate, and the colors work for everyone. just like COVERGIRL says, "easy breezy beautiful COVERGIRL."

for more information on these products, or to receive customized product recommendations, be sure to check out the COVERGIRL website.


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kh said...

Thanks! I love the normal CoverGirl Lash Blast mascaras. And I've been wondering about those foundations.