Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Treat Bucket Critters {tutorial}

Hi Everyone...Hope your weekend was lovely!  Excited to share a quick tutorial today on a seasonal favorite.   A few months ago, I shared some really fun Halloween Treat Bucket Critters made for a Halloween tree and last month I shared my take on Thanksgiving Treat Bucket Critters, so my idea today stemmed from those, but for Christmas time!  My kids each have their own little trees in their bedrooms, so these little buckets are finding their way onto their trees this year!

How sweet are they?!

Because I have one little girl (and her favorite color is pink), I made a few different ones to show you how you can mix it up!

These treat bucket ornaments are great to display on a little Christmas tree and love placing little treats in them to surprise my kiddos!

They certainly bring a lot of personality to the tree..(don't pink trees have a lot of personality anyways!):)

And make my sweet little girl smile every time she sees them.

Then I have my two boys who wouldn't be happy with a pink tree, so we went with silver and a bit more traditional colors on their buckets.
Cute, right?!

Who knew toilet paper rolls could be dressed up so festively?!
SO do you want to know how to make them?  I am going to show you using a picture from my Halloween Critters, since it shows all the basics.

To start out the bucket ornaments you will need:

toilet paper roll
colored paper
hot glue
shape cutter (anything to cover the bottom of the bucket)
craft glue

glitter (optional)

Now let's learn the specifics of each one.


To make the snowman you will use a hole punch (mine is the smallest they come). Punch holes for the eyes and mouth.  Add black brads to each of the holes. Use a small piece of orange felt to cut out a nose and colorful paper to fashion a hat. Hot glue both the nose and hat on. Remember, have fun with can make them as crazy funky or traditional as you please!


I love the personality of these reindeer!  I laugh every time I look at them.  To make the reindeer, punch two holes for eyes and add black brads to the holes. Glue a bead on for the nose.  Cut two triangular shaped ears and glue on. I actually folded the two bottom sides in and added a dab of glue to give it a bit more 3D look.  Next take a piece of white felt and hot glue it to a piece of white card stock.  Cut two small horns out and glue next to the ears. Embellish how ever else you choose!

For Santa, I found it easiest to start with a red base and add the cream colored triangle on top for the face area.  I cut the beard next, making sure to cover the sides of the cream colored card stock. Glue on the beard.  Next I punched two holes for the eyes..add the black brads. Glue a red bead on for the nose. Now cut out a small mustache and glue right under the nose.  For the hat, I simply cut a triangle of red card stock and folded it over. Cut a small circle out of white felt and glue on the end and then add a dab of glue where the hat folds over to keep it down.  Lastly, using white felt cut a cute little scalloped edge for the bottom of his hat!

And VOILA! You have cute little bucket ornaments to place on a small tree, to fill with treats for Christmas parties, or to place small gifts on and hang on your tree!  These are easiest to do in an assembly line..and you can whip a bunch out in no time!

Hope you enjoy making these cute and full of personality ornaments..and hope you are having the Happiest Holiday season ever! 


Brooke @ The Crafting Chicks said...

These turned out so cute! What a fun thing to have for each holiday, I bet your kids love it. :)

Jennifer said...

OMG these are sooo cute and I've been wanting a cute craft to use with my toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. I hate just throwing those things away. Thanks for sharing your tip!