Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Witch's Broom {tutorial}

I was inspired again today by Pottery Barn's Halloween decorations...this time by their Witch's Broom Hanging Decoration.  Sometimes I get jealous of other parts of the country when I see projects where people say "Oh, I just went out in my backyard and picked all these beautiful__________ and put them together to make this perfect project." Let me remind you that I live in Las Vegas, so today's project was a perfect match for what my "backyard" has to offer!

Let's just say, I took 20 minutes with my kids out in the desert to find enough beautiful sticks to make this sweet little broom. Another 30 minutes to put it all together and I had myself a great new decoration!  And the best part..a couple of the ingredients are the exact same as yesterday's project...which was perfect to use up the leftovers.

Now my only dilemma is where to hang it?!

Where would you hang a witch's broom?


Shirley Hatfield said...

Do you go to the Pottery Barn in the District at Green Valley? I cannot walk past that store without wanting to buy everything. The catalog has so many cute things in it...I also was thinking of copying a few. =D

Unknown said...

Newest follower! Found you on Pinterest . . . my new obsession!

Love the witches broom too!!

Merry Christmas
Mrs. Claus

Anna said...

So this is what all those clipping of sticks was for. ;)

Unknown said...

you are hooking us up! thanks for all the halloween decoration ideas.

Unknown said...

i also wanted to ask, we are throwing a pirate themed Halloween party this year and i know you hosted the cutest pirate party for your little sweetie a few years back, any decoration suggestions?

Donene said...

What a simply witchy broom, I love it!