Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Butterfly Mobile {All About Easter}

Today I am so excited to welcome Rebecca from Simple As That. I have been reading Rebecca's blog for years now and have constantly felt inspired while reading it throughout the years. Her style is fresh, simple and clean..and as you can see on her blog and today, resourceful!  Take it away, Rebecca:

Hey everyone! My name is Rebecca Cooper & I'm so excited to be here at Kiki Creates today!

I'm a wife and mother of four & I currently live with my family on a small island in the Dutch Caribbean. I share my thoughts on life, photography & my crafting adventures on my blog simple as that. With very little in the way of craft supplies available on the island I've had to fill my need to craft by coming up with simple projects featuring the supplies I'm able to find and I'm super excited to share my latest creation with you today!

{Spring Butterfly Mobile}

This butterfly mobile is made from nothing more than a piece of cardboard, various scraps of paper & other easy to find items. Read on to find out how you can make your own. 

Begin by gathering the supplies pictured below. To simplify this project, a sewing machine &  a butterfly punch would be helpful, but are not necessary. I didn't have either available so a needle and thread and some handcut butterflies worked just as well. You're also going to need a glue gun or other form of adhesive (not pictured).
Now you can cut or punch out your butterflies from the papers you've chosen. I used a mixture of My Minds EyeMaking Memories paper, pages from an old book, this printable music sheet & some cardstock. I used this Martha Stewart butterfly punch as a guide to draw out my own butterfly template, but if you have a butterfly punch on hand {lucky you!}grab it & start punchin'.

Once you have a large selection of butterflies you can start stitching them together by hand or use your sewing machine  to form a strand filled with them as shown below. I varied the number of butterflies I put on each strand between 6-9 on each. Be sure to leave an extra bit of thread at the top of each strand so you can tie them to the mobile.

Now you can start making the framework of the mobile. Cut a strip of thin cardboard approximately 1 1/4 inches wide and however long you wish - depends how large you want your mobile to be.  I just used the backing from a pad of paper we had kicking around for this. To create the scallop edge you could use large scallop edge scissors, a scallop border punch, etc. I don't have any of those things on hand so I used a bottle cap to trace a series of half circles along the edge of the cardboard strip. I then cut them out, forming the scallop edge & using a regular hole puch made a hole inside each half circle to create the faux eyelet border. Next, attach the ends of the cardboard strip together to form a hoop.

Now punch four evenly spaced holes along the top edge of the hoop and using thread or other string, attach four lengths to the cardboard by tieing through each hole. Once you've attached each string to the top of the hoop trim each one so they're all even in length and secure them together. I simply tied them all in a knot, making sure the knot fell in the center of the hoop so the mobile would hang level. Now you can begin tieing the strands of butterflies to the hoop through the eyelet holes you punched earlier. Once you've attached all the strands of butterflies it's time to stand back and enjoy your lovely creation perfect for hanging in a baby's room, a little girls room or elsewhere in your home to add a little touch of Spring!


I hope you enjoy this simple craft project as much as I did. For more spring craft ideas & to download your {free}copy of my Spring Photo Checklist, filled with 50 Spring photo ideas & photography prompts, stop by and visit me at simple as that anytime!

                                 Thanks for having me Kiki!:)

Isn't she amazing?! RUN over and check out her site. I promise there are hours and hours of inspiration to see!  Thanks, Rebecca.

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purejoy said...

dude. so completely adorable! i'm borrowing this idea and will use flower punches (since i have one of those, haha) and am going to go to town!! thanks for the cute idea!

Nidia Escobedo said...

I am so excited over the giveaway, it would be great to win! :D

Unknown said...

I follow you via Google!! :D

jamie @ eighteen25 said...

like everything else Rebecca does... i LOVE it.

Elizabeth said...

This is adorable!

Emelie said...

I love this tutorial! I'm going to head over to Rebecca's blog right now! Thanks for Sharing!
Em @

Amanda Joy Petersen said...

I LOVE this! I want to make one with the butterflies to go over my daughters bed, then make one of airplanes or owls to go over my son's bed:)

s a n s k u :) said...

you can always count on cuteness from rebecca. beautiful project!

curlyqmosaics said...

The Blogger's Night Out looked so much fun! Also, I adore Rebecca's mobile! She is so talented....I always love reading her blog!

Just Rhonda said...

Love Rebecca's stuff! And this is suuuuuuper cute!