Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What they wore.

I love making my kids little things to get them excited about upcoming holidays..and this one was no different!
I saw THIS tutorial and went right out to buy fleece..turns out it was 50% off that week, which was PERFECT! Don't you LOVE when things like that happen?!

I gave both of my boys the choice between a scarf and a hat. One chose the hat, one chose the scarf. SO I got to work, I was good at following directions, except for the part where she made 1 inch strips..mine were more like 2, so I cut 6 " pieces of my finished rainbow and sewed those together, and it worked great! The hat I sort of figured out as I went along, but it came together great as well.

My daughter loves rainbows, so I thought a rainbow skirt fit the bill...I wasn't SO happy with how it turned out, but she loves it, and I guess that is all that mattered!:)

Do you remember me stamping on fabric yesterday?  Well, I did the same for their shirts. Just make sure you put something in between the shirt layers in case your ink bleeds through. I put "LUCKY" on each of their 3 shirts..and stitched it on with embroidery thread...something so simple and understated, but I tend to like that..okay, sometimes!:)  And lastly, I think the thing I love most about the skirt is the cloud at the end of the really does look so sweet on her.

I'd love to hear if you like to make your kids things to get ready for holidays too..even if it isn't clothes.:)

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The Miller Five said...

Cute! Great job!

Natalia Lynn said...

that is so cute! I am so not good at minor holidays like v-day and st patty's. But this is inspiring! I want to be good at them for my kids!

J & M Squared said...

So awesome! You are amazing. I cannot sew a lick! But I am awesome in the kitchen & have been inspired by Cupcake Wars. We will be in the kitchen making a St. Patrick's Day cupcake.

Anna said...

I loved seeing Booker in his hat. I think I might attempt this project. :) Cute.