Wednesday, November 3, 2010

turning a dress into a coat.

So I don't know how much of a tutorial this will end up being, but it may open you eyes to look at patterns in a whole new way!

So here we are with the two pieces...
and both are made from a very simple A-line dress (I don't even know what exact pattern it is!). After sewing these dresses now for about 2 years, I've decided that I love simple patterns, and adding sweet details at the end.

So first, to look at the dress pattern (and I say dress because it started off as one, and I just altered it to be tunic length), it has simple snaps at the top and I added a little detail on the front with the lace, buttons, etc.
For this photo shoot, I wanted something simple to show through the jacket, but know that a 1 year old doesn't often keep on what you put on I also had to make sure that if she took off the jacket, that what was underneath would still be suitable for family pics..and I love how it turned out.
On to making the jacket. I knew I wanted it to layer over this tunic and so while looking at the pattern I just decided to try out an idea and went with it!  Here is the simple version of what I did:
And I know that is the over simplified version, but really, that is what I did.  I put the jacket on my daughter to measure where to sew the top at, my mom taught me how to do a simple sleeve..(which is another tutorial in and of itself once it is mastered in my own house!):), and then I just cut down the front a bit off centered. I finished all of the seams and then added a bit of detail.

I made a sweet flower to put up by the snap closure.
I LOVE the ruffle I added around the neck and down one side of the jacket.

And when I put them on together..I just adored the sweet peek of color that popped out.

And of course, I couldn't be happier about the pictures we got back in return.

So take a look at those simple patterns you have..and see what else you can make!


Kara said...

Good heck, I love it so much, I guess I'll hafta try it!

cheeks said...

DARLING!!!! you are so talented girl!! i'm such a beginner...maybe one day i can visualize something this amazing (and then actually make it)! way to go!

Envymycooking said...

This is darling.. Its too cute. Great blog and very cute subway art

Unknown said...

Kiki, i adore you. i dream that one day i can be as creative and cool as you. i still remember describing you to Trever when we first met. i told him you were my idol. you still are! xo

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Not only do I love this idea, but the model is adorable! I have to start collecting some of these ideas now that I have a granddaughter. She's only 3 1/2 months, but I guess it's never too early! : )

Alisha @ SnugasaBugBaby said...

Just found out I am having my first girl, and I am oogling over the ruffles! I LOVE the yellow pop from the dress under the coat. SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh she is such a little cutie! I love the whole outfit, so sweet :)