Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fancy necklace tutorial

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Do you have a girl who likes  LOVES to get into your jewelry, run around the house with it, tug on it, pull and break it?! I do!  And after breaking enough of my necklaces, I have decided it was important to make her her own necklace! One that would be more than difficult to break, that would be cute, and inexpensive!

I will call this the Fancy Dancy necklace.
To get started, you need just a few items:
beads: I got mine in 2 strands of beads like the one right below at Walmart for 5 dollars. Between the two strands of beads, it was enough for 12 necklaces.  
ribbon: use whatever you have on hand. To be safe, you will need about 2-21/2 feet per necklace.
thread: I used embroidery thread for the thickness of it, but any will work.
scrap pieces of fabric, buttons, chipboard pieces and letter
hot glue
Okay, now we are ready.
take those beads off the strand.
get your ribbon and I used 17 beads, you can use more or less depending what you want it to look like.

About 7-8 inches from the end of one side of ribbon tie a knot.  Knot your thread and stick your needle right through your knot, so the end is hidden.

Put 2 beads on your thread.

Pull your ribbon up until you are satisfied with how much extra there will be under the is really cute if you do have some ribbon, and it is not right next to the beads.

Add beads to the underside of the ribbon so you have an S like effect with your ribbon.
If you use 17 beads, I put the beads on in this amount:2,3,1,1,3,1,1,3,2

After you thread your needle through the ribbon the last time, cut it and tie it off, then cut off the threads.  Tie a knot at the end, just like you did at the beginning, then tie the necklace off at the top.

Look at how cute that is!
To make a yo-yo embellishment, take a scrap of fabric, any size you'd like, cut it into a rectangle (I normally use about a 6" X 3" rectangle) and fold it in half.  Take your needle and thread again and thread it along the unfinished side in big stitches...

then pull tight.
when you get to the end of your fabric piece, put the two unfinished sides together and handstitch them together and tie a knot. 

You should end up with something that looks like this:

I then just made and added another smaller yo-yo..this rectangle just needs to be smaller when you sew it...and then added a chipboard flower, a bead and a shimmery letter M.  I glued everything together with hot fav!  Then I simply hot glued it onto the ribbon.  And voila... a necklace for your little princess.

Here are some other ones I made:
you can personalize to your child's taste of color and fashion!

I could totally see this being used as a favor for birthday fun for the girls to come home with a necklace with their OWN initials on them.  And best of all, it was quick, easy and inexpensive.
If you end up making one, send me a picture!  Email me at kikicreates [at]


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Hi Kiki! I know of you through Jessica...I LOVE your new blog and will be sending some of my crafting friends your way! Hope you don't mind. ;) Looking foward to seeing more!

cheeks said...

kiki, these are darling....i will definitely have to make one for E....she is always pulling on my jewelry!

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yep, it works! cute, cute, cute!

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Hi Kiki.....I found your site on Tatertots & Jello.....i loved you fancy necklaces so much that i shut my laptop and ran to the nearest hobby lobby to get the stuff.....thanks for such a fun tutorial! Love it! I will try and email you a picture.....i'm a follower now!

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Such a cute idea with the initial! Love it, and must try! Thanks for sharing!

Mitzi Curi said...

I just discovered your blog, thanks to JSIM. I love your tutorials, and will definitely give this necklace a try!