Friday, March 23, 2012

do you sketch? {free download}

One of my favorite things to do ever is to sketch. I love grabbing any kind of notebook and my black felt tipped pens and draw away. I love sketching out project ideas, quotes, real life as it is happening and sometimes I just like to doodle.  So many of my projects started out a sketch of some kind (even if it is on an old reciept or a half of a piece of paper). Lately, I have taken up getting actual sketchbooks to drw in and it has been so fun. I picked up a few different ones..all for different reasons.

I love sketching in my Smash journal because there are a variety of papers (and thus backgrounds) and it has brought a new fun side out to my ideas:

Before you say..isn't this a kids book? Technically, yes. (But am I not just a really grown up kid?!):) would not believe how much fun I am having in these books (I have one other too)! These books have more prompts (most of which I ignore)..but the fun thing about these books is that I am using them to write stories for my kids. About fun and crazy superheroes. They will love going through it when I am done:

And then I have a big, plain sketchbook. I love to open a new fresh page and make the page come to life.  I have obviously been thinking a lot about life lately, so this one came from one of those quick sketch sessions:

Do you use sketchbooks?

I am going to be showing more of my sketches off and on now..I always enjoy looking into the starting stages of someone's creativity!

I made this sketch into two little 5x7 prints. You can find them HERE.

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2 comments: said...

Wow. i REALLY love it.

Donna said...

I love this sweet, colorful, message. I have printed it and will frame it as a daily reminder that despite the fact that my new puppy is making me crazy right now, I am grateful to have her and Life is Beautiful!