Friday, February 24, 2012

A new wall of art

I am so excited to show you this quick little project I have started and cannot wait to add to it! 

Here is my wall of art:

I have a wall in my master's not too big, but was completely empty. So I decided to add a little love to it! Do you want to know my trick?

Simply buy some canvases at any store (Jo-Ann's and Michaels often have theirs on sale), spray your prints with spray adhesive, then spray your canvas with spray adhesive. Attach the print on your canvas and you have an automatic piece of hangable art!

Here is where you can find the prints:

2 of the pieces are new designs by me:

Something simple and fresh:

And something sweet and thoughtful:

My favorite part of this new print is the heart on the tree with the "me + you" and the tire swing. Isn't that so fun!

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Do you have any walls that could use some love?  Any favorite prints you want to put on there?


Jill @ J♥ said...

This is adorable! I have all these printables but just keep changing them out of frames. I was going to mod podge some onto canvases but wasn't sure if they would tear. I like the spray adhesive idea! Thanks for sharing! Smiles, Jill

cheeks said...

i also thought modpodge....only because i have it. what spray adhesive do you use?

Sara&Eva said...

lovely lovely lovely!!

JULIE said...

Oh I love this! I think that the group looks SOOOO great! My friends and I are going to get together and make these next week!