Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Ombre Nails {tutorial}

here's an fun Valentine Ombre Nail tutorial that is simple to achieve. for this tutorial you will need three colors of polish that vary in shades of the same color. because Valentine's Day is right around the corner, i chose three shades of red.

before beginning, apply a basecoat to your nails for better application (and because red polish has a tendency to stain your nailbed!). make sure all nail polish bottles are unscrewed and ready to be used.

with your first shade, apply to one third of nail, beginning at the cuticles. while polish is still wet, take your second color and apply to the next third of nail. follow immediately with the third shade of polish. applying colors immediately after one another ensures an even blend of the polish as each shade will slightly "bleed" into the other.

follow these steps with subsequent nails. finish with a topcoat for longlasting polish and shine. enjoy your Valentine Ombre!


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1 comment:

kristie said...

still loving the ombre...especially via computer.

thanks kiki!