Monday, January 23, 2012

STRIPES..a new collection! {sale}

A week ago, a bloggy friend, Kristen Duke, contacted me and asked me to make a custom sign for her. She wanted a favorite quote of hers in a print to hang in a new frame.  I got it to her and then decided it would be a fun time to do a little sale in the new I made a few more to go along with it and put them all together in a "Stripe" Collection.

They celebrate my love of stripes and happy things.  And I am sure to add to the collection in the coming days.  And BTW, did you know, I love it when people just randomly send me their favorite quotes? If I choose yours to design, I will send you a free print. You can leave a comment here on the blog or email me at kikicreates at gmail dot com!

The sale will run through this Saturday. You can get 20% off of everything with the code STRIPE20.

1 comment:

Cerise said...

After following Ashley's story over at Lil Blue Boo, Choose Joy is my new favorite phrase. Love your print of it!