Monday, January 9, 2012

so proud...

Do you ever have those moments when you are super excited for someone? Friends and family who work so hard and then they get rewarded? Here at Kiki Creates we have some amazing contributors who have done some really fantastic posts, but beyond my blog they are amazing as well..and I couldn't be more proud of them!

Our fitness/health contributors Josh and Kristin, of Redline Running Company, have been working on a line of clothing made specifically for runners and it is out...and can honestly say..INCREDIBLE! They thought of everything that a runner (or anyone working out) might want.

Some of my favorites include (from left to right) the Women's Ebb Short Sleeve Wind Blows shirt in Lawn. I love everything about this one..and love the funny sayings on this line of shirts. As a runner we definitely have our opinions about things and "wind blows" is definitely one of them!  Next I love the Essentials Beanie.  It fits like a glove, wicks moisture, but LOVE the features it includes. As a girl with long hair, when I run with a normal beanie on, it constantly rides up on my head because of my pony tail, but on THIS beanie, there is a ponytail hole AND it has holes on the side for your glasses, for those who run with sunglasses on. Lastly, I love the men's gear as well. We got the Sprint Men's Long Sleeve Tech Tee for one of our runner brother-in-laws at Christmas and it is so fun. It has thumb holes for those who like having those, and they are hidden when you are not wearing them, as well as holes for your headphone wires and a key pocket.  I also love the contrasting color of stitching they use to make the shirt even more fashionable.  As you can tell, I am in love with this line of clothing. It makes a perfect gift for any occasion!

You can find their entire line of clothing HERE.  Go and "like" them on Facebook as well, as they have giveaways and specials, questions to answer and advice on there all of the time!

Next up, Kristie from Blushing Basics was a visitor on Studio 5 a few weeks ago and was a pro! You can see her segment HERE! You can go and "like" her facebook page HERE.

AND Britni, from My Recipe Box, had a recipe featured on The Kitchn, a national cooking blog! You can see where she is featured HERE.

And LASTLY, I am just so darn proud of myself that I made it through this first month of having a newborn again! Ha. Can any of you relate?! Being a young college student, I was able to stay awake all night long for days on end...let's just say that this time around, I am so greatful little Maxwell has decided to start being a good sleeper and I couldn't be more greatful!:)

Here is a little letter I wrote him on his 1 month mark and put right over a picture I took of him. Each month I will do this and add to his baby book that I can't wait to show you soon!

AND THAT'S A WRAP on a whole lot of being proud! Now go and "Like" those contributors and let them know I sent you!  Have a happy day.


Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Kiki he is SO cute!! I love the idea of the letter. And I am not a runner but I can totally appreciate all of the thought that went into that clothing line!

Love your guts

The Miller Five said...

Maxwell is absolutely adorable. Congratulations again. I run, but I wouldn't call myself a runner. Love that shirt in the name lawn too. :)

kristie said...

Kiki, you.are.awesome.

and that Maxwell, let's just say your babies are beautiful.


Jane said...

He is absolutely beautiful.