Monday, January 2, 2012

January Calendar {free download}

Happy 2012!  Hope your weekend was full of fun and celebrating. After a few months of color-filled calendars, I thought I'd go a different direction this month and go for a palette of neutrals that mimic the popular metallics that are out...something a little fresh, and still wintry.

It will take you from today...

through the end of the month.

To grab these files go HERE. Remember free downloads are for followers of Kiki Creates ONLY (Just takes a second on my sidebar, thanks!). 


Anonymous said...

Very Fun!! I will be linking to this today for my Organization Week - everyone needs a darling calendar!!

Ange said...

This is too cute! And goes with my January decor Idea.
Where would I find a holder for this style? Any suggestions? Thx!

agravette said...

thank you so much! these are fabulous!