Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

applying liquid eyeliner can be a bit scary. for some, it is downright frightening. over Christmas break i was visiting my family and my mother commented on the perfection of my eyeliner. i told her it was a liquid and she immediately said, "i can't do liquid eyeliner". this is coming from a woman who is extremely crafty, can paint, create, and do just about anything. i was surprised to hear my own mother say she was scared of liquid eyeliner. having worn it for a decade (or two) it has lost any sense of intimidation for me.

here's a video tutorial showing how to apply liquid eyeliner. it is my most popular YouTube video (over 60,000 views!) and one of the easiest to create:

happy eyelining!


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VICKI IN AZ said...

oh my gosh i just want to run out and buy some liquid eyeliner right now. this was a great help, thank you. xoxo