Monday, January 30, 2012

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

On my Facebook page on Friday I shared this picture and was so excited to show you what I was doing with it. Do you want to see?

Here it is:

Yes, we had our Harry Potter party on Saturday..I cannot wait to show you all the details!

I was trying to come up with a solution to my time crunch problem.  Problem came about as follows:

1- My boy asked for a tiered cake with Harry Potter on top.
2-I think to myself, "Hmmm, I could make it out of fondant, but that may take a whole lot of time.."
3-Then I tried to think outside of the can I make something that could be duplicated easily and be fast to put together?

Solution? Design a Harry Potter and other elements to work on the cake. 
I adore how he turned out:
...and by slicing a little slit in the hand and inserting a candle, we instantly have a wand!

I added a scarf-like banner:

I cut the stars out, sewed them together, added them to some small dowels and made them into cute little pendants. I LOVE these!

I also cut out some freehand flags to match, sewed them together and added them with some adhesive onto the cake plate. Such a simple thing to do to ANY cake plate to give the cake a little wow factor..and it is so nice that you can customize it to the color/theme of the cake!

The cake (and remember I am NO professional cake maker) was decorated with a yummy coconut butter cream frosting. I added white crystal sprinkles on top of the layers and placed lemonheads around the top and bottom of each layer. Such a fun and easy way to bring a pop of color to the cake..not to mention the lemon and coconut together?! Wow..then again, you know I have a thing for lemon + coconut!

And here is a horrible picture from my phone of the cake being lit:

Best of all, my son LOVED his cake and I loved how fast it came together!

Later today I will post a link to the party invitations I will have in my new shop.

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kristie said...

Kiki, I love it! You are so talented!