Friday, August 19, 2011

A Mommy MUST HAVE from eighteen25.

I'm happy to have some of the SWEETEST ladies ever here on the blog this morning.  Jennifer, Jamie and Jodie are eighteen25 and if you haven't been, head on over to their blog for every "go-to" project you may need in your life (back to school, holidays,and everyday) They are incredible in person and I look forward to seeing what they have everyday on their blog! Here they are:

hello there!
it's jennifer, jamie and jodie 
from the blog eighteen25.
if we have never met before then, it's so very nice to meet you!
we are visiting with you today to share a baby must have!
so, if you are having a baby or
welcoming someone else's baby
you heard it here....
you need to get one of these!
this things is a mommy lifesaver.

it's a timer with 4 different buttons for:
diaper changing
medicine (or other)
and feedings
 (with a switch for R or L for nursing moms)

it also has a night light & a clip to attach to whatever.

i swear this thing was attached to me for two children.
i promise it will be money well spent...
go here or here to get your very own.

thanks so much kiki for having us!


 a big congratulations to you... we are so happy to hear you are expecting!!
we love you and we love visiting your blog!
Thanks, eighteen25..I am SO checking that one out! Now head on over to their blog and give them some love!

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Kelli said...

Yes, the Itzbeen timer is the BEST thing a first time mom could have! I got one for my first born and it was a HUGE help. Now, I tend to give it to all my friends as shower gifts. Genius product, I tell ya!