Monday, August 15, 2011

a little fortune telling.

Because my husband and my families live so far apart, we had to tell our parents we were expecting at different times.  It really was fun the way we told them. It was totally last minute, totally unexpected..and it had everyone with their mouth open not really knowing what to say! (perfect!)

Let me set the scene for you. My husbands family had all run in a race that morning..some running their first marathon, others a half and my little boy had just finished his first 5k ever. Everyone was super happy, but super exhausted!  We had just had a huge Chinese dinner, and I had to run inside really quick to check on the kids, but when I came back I realized they had all just read their fortunes to each other from their cookies. I had a stroke of genius come over me, leaned over and asked my husband, who loved the idea. So of course, I was the only one opening my cookie..and when I took the paper out, started freaking out a bit.  Everyone was super curious what it read, so I told them:

"You will have a baby on December 8th of this year!"

Almost everyone caught on right away..and were cheering and shouting their congratulations. It was a perfect moment of a last minute decision that couldn't have worked out better.

Today, I decided to show you how to make your own fortune cookies out of fabric that you can use to announce your preganacy, what the sex of the baby is, etc.  They are super simple and quick to make.  Here is what you need:

For one fortune cookie:
a 3 inch circle of fabric
a 3 inch circle of felt
a 3 inch circle of wonder-under
a 3 inch piece of ribbon
a 2 inch piece of easily pliable wire (like floral wire)

Iron the circles together sandwiching the wonder under in the middle. (so they all stick together) Place the wire on the middle of the circle and using the hot glue, place glue down the entire length of the ribbon and place on top of the wire.

Fold the circle in half over the wire (not bending it), and then fold it in fourths (now bending the wire).

That's it! You can whip a whole batch of these up in no time and place your own fortunes in these to announce or say what you please!

It was a perfect and simple way to announce our exciting news.:)

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Nate and Jessica said...

Those are awesome. You could use them for tons of things. Me likey.