Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Favorite Things

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be on the blog Small Town Lovin to share some of my favorite things...if you haven't checked KK's blog will love it!  Since I am not so great about sharing personal things, but am trying so hard to get better, I thought I'd repost this here!  And while you are reading, get your thinking caps on because I want to hear from you!

  I am a girl who loves color, texture and excitement in my life CONSTANTLY!  I keep myself busy with my blog and etsy shop, but my greatest excitement and love for life come from raising my 3 little munchkins and being a wife to the best husband on earth.  My faith is always close to my heart and dictates decisions I make constantly in my life and has helped me become a better person.  I rely on my family and on my best friends and have been blessed with an amazing group of both in my life. I am a fairly sarcastic person and tend to love people who don't take themselves too for the rest of:

eighteen25, whipperberry, a beautiful mess, simple as that and a list of about 25 more that i check everyday (a lot of them are on my sidebar on my blog!) I love reading new blogs...blogs that uplift and are happy are by far my favorites.

PearsonMaron- love their little favorite is this one.
Simple Serendipity- everything in their shop is $5 and under. STILL love this necklace.
The Wheatfield- This shop has so many prints I adore..(and I love their use of color). I really want one like this or this for my home!:)
Miss Ruby Sue- Her style and funkiness make me smile from ear to ear. I love this piece. like a lot. I need to do another photo session with my kids!

The things I love about etsy is that I can find personalized gifts for everyone on my list..and feel good that I am supporting a handmade artist.

park playing, watching my kids play sports, running, dancing crazy with my kids before their dad comes home from work, and creating. (I really LOVE creating)

I could eat a big salad every day of my life. I love making zucchini lasagna and chocolate chip cookies in the same meal.  I love Italian food and have a hunt on for the BEST eggplant Parmesan around. My top two right now are 1-Grape Street Cafe and 2-Olive Garden. Do you have a favorite?

Columbus, Ohio. There is not a close second place yet. It boasts amazing parks, a huge children's museum..a fantastic zoo, the best library system I have ever seen..and friendly people. People sit out on their porches at Halloween and say hello at the store (even when they do not know you.) There are more festivals and family activities around Ohio then I could ever dream of going to. And it's green. And has Rita's.. Living in Las Vegas now..I  really miss the green and Rita's!

I am boring. I am happy to only wear mascara (Lash Blast Volume by Covergirl) of course, waterproof..because I can be an emotional person sometimes!:) I am "dressed up" when I add a little eyeshadow, blush and lip gloss.

US Map Pillow. A fun and quick project that can personalize your space!
Dream Dollhouse. This is one of the funnest projects I have done in awhile. It took a long time, but I looked forward to working on it every day!
Bedroom Makeover. I needed a makeover on my bedroom, and this one turned out just like I wanted it.
Baby Book. I made this for an online crafting competition, but have wanted to make one forever. I am still in the process of redesigning and getting it printed.
Rosette Wreath. Loved how quick and easy this one was to put together..and i love how it looks hanging on my wall at home.

 I LOVE country music. My favorite pandora station is Dierks Bentley, but I also love a mixture of top 40 ( as long as it is clean), Mindy Gledhill, Train, Michael Buble, and love rocking out to oldies like The Beach Boys with my kids.  I love a good mix and usually have some background music on in my home.

I love looking at random places to find inspiration for my up and coming projects. I love going to fabric stores to see the patterns and colors all together in one place. I love going into little quaint shops to see how things are set up. I love craft fairs. I find inspiration from wedding magazines, kids magazines, and home decorating magazines. I get inspired walking into my friends homes who are so trendy and whimsical with their decorating. I am inspired being in a clean house, but my favorite place to be inspired is while I am running. My mind is clear and I love breathing in clean fresh really is inspiring. I truly believe this message about creating and womanhood and feel that in no matter what or how we create, it is important and can bring us closer to a loving God.

So speaking of blog related things....WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MORE OF HERE ON KIKI CREATES?  I want this to be a place that is inspiring, happy and fun, but also a place of sharing and learning.  I have a few ideas up my sleeves to add to my content, but I really do want to hear what YOU want to see!


Dara said...

Kiki, I'd like to see some things that are quick to create....can be finished in 2 - 3 hours. We're starting a "handmade" group in our small town and I think we'll have a better turnout if the items aren't complicated, especially to start with. I made your rosette wreath, so I've got that one down and loved it. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!!!! Dara

rebecca said...

Awe, I love to read your blog too Kiki!! :) you made me smile today, thank you!! R

Anna said...

I love it, Kiki! Hey, you know Las Vegas is your top city. ;)

Jen@eighteen25 said...

oh Kiki!! i hope you know how much we love you! it's so fun getting to know all these little bits and pieces of you. you are so sweet and i think your blog is just perfect the way it is!! thanks for being you!
jen :)
ps. it's time for another bloggers night out!! even if we just do dinner!!

Monica said...

Kiki, I loved reading this. Great post. And I couldn't agree with you more about Columbus.. a Rita's sure sounds good right about now. :)

Anonymous said...

yea for the re-post! still loving all your favs - so fun! love your blog:) xoxo KK

Allyson said...

Loved reading more about you! Why did you have to leave the 'Bus so soon?:) I love your blog and all that you create. Keep it up!!


Marin D said...

Hmm... I love Grapestreet Cafe. Have you tried the roasted garlic? So yummy. But not friendly for the person you hang around the next day. LOL! I would love to hear what places you shop at in Las Vegas. I always see great places in Utah or California, etc. on blogs but it is nice to follow someone that lives in Las Vegas. I wish we had Ikeas, fabric stores on every corner and all that good stuff. :o) I also enjoy simple crafts or projects. I don't cut wood or anything like that so I need something simple I can do on my own.

Enjoy your blog!