Monday, July 11, 2011

Become your dream - Happy Birthday Week DISCOUNT printable

A few weeks ago I had a little giveaway and was asked some very thoughtful questions. Because I cannot possibly answer all of them on an FAQ or about me page, I will periodically answer some of them on my blog..especially if it pertains to a project or topic I am addressing!

Carly {Honey and the Moon} asked...
When did you finally start to reach for your dreams and start your own business?

I have always been a girl who wanted to find a way to share what I loved to do.  I have always enjoyed making gifts and found a good outlet in that, but with my husbands pushing, decided to take it a few steps further about a year and a half ago. Off and on throughout the years since I graduated from college, I have done illustrations for books, done a few book covers, and dabbled in graphic design.  For a birthday present when I turned 30, my husband bought me Adobe CS4. Years before when I was in graphic design classes at school I learned how to use Photoshop, but opening it up 10 years laters was eye opening. I could do NOTHING!  When we moved to Las Vegas, and I started to do a little more freelance graphic design, I knew I needed to know how to use Illustrator, so I took a class through UNLV and I was hooked. I have practiced and practiced (and still have a long way to go), but in April of 2010, took the plunge and started an etsy shop. I had 1 print for sale and a LOT of homemade items (dresses, hair accessories, etc.).  The more I went along, I realized I REALLY enjoyed doing the graphic designing and felt a huge sense of accomplishment when people started buying them.  Now, as you will notice, I have a shop full of prints and nothing else. Designing and selling prints to me is rewarding. Words and type have always facinated me and inspired me, so it has been a perfect mixture of both for me. 

Today I have a new print to debut. All about dreaming...and becoming. Both action words, but I love them both in the same sentence, because one is putting into action what the other doesn't.

The best thing is that this can apply to everyone! Think of giving it to a friend, a daughter or co-worker who is starting out on a new journey. How about those college kids who are "becoming", but where so many of those days are long and frustrating, may need just a little pick-me-up.  I am even putting it up in my little daughter's room..she is only 2, but I want her to KNOW that it is good to dream, and then to live so she CAN become whomever and whatever she wants to be.  My parents certainly raised me with such ideals, something I am so greatful for.

So for my HAPPY BIRTHDAY week, I will be offering all of these new and debuted prints for a discounted price (I have a few more coming this week).  This week (and this week only) I will sell a DIGITAL downloadable print of "Become your dream" for $4.  You will get both the 5x7 and 8x10 pdf printable when you purchase it!  It will go up to my normal prices next week..$9.95 for a 5x7, $11.95 for an 8x10 and $13.95 for an 11x14. 

Go HERE to find the print! Thanks for stopping by today.

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