Thursday, June 16, 2011

A little Small Town Lovin...

Just wanted to drop in really quick to tell you that I am visiting and telling KK all of my favorite things today over at:

If you haven't checked out her is one of those I have recently come upon and am in love with! It is one of those happy and uplifting blogs that will bring you back over and over again. You can check it out HERE! Go and give her some love.:)

ALSO...check back here this afternoon. I have my next post ready, but as I was getting it all together, I had a stroke of "AH-HA" on another use for the product I will share today..(so excited!) I have to run to the store and put it all together! (Don't you love when that happens!)  See you in a few.

BTW..have I told you how much I LOVE that you are here...I love hearing from you, I love getting emails from you..I love getting to know you. Thanks for coming along on my creative journey with me.:)

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