Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the end of the year gift

So sorry for my absence...I have an upcoming vacation (like TODAY!) and have been catching up filling ALL of my orders from my shop to get them off before I leave!  I can't have a week where I have NO posts, though, SO I thought I'd share the end of the year gift we put together for my son's teacher.

A few years ago, I sewed up some paper..and NEVER used was perfect to make into a little bag to carry just a few things in.

I stitched her name on it..

and here you can see the upclose detail of the fabric paper. I love it...I'm thinking of making a cute little blanket made entirely of fabric paper with hand stitching on it.

A stylish little notebook and pens she can put in her bag...with appropriate wording for a teacher, right?!

All wrapped together in a candy bouqet of "Sweet memories".  My son wrote some of his favorite memories and his favorite things about his teacher. One of the funniest he wrote was "She LOVES cheese!"...when I asked him why he wrote that, he said "I dream about football...she dreams about cheese..that's how much she loves it!"  Mrs. B....sure hope you love cheese..and if not, hope you got a good laugh! :) And of course, I thought it was so sweet that he wrote "She made learning fun!"...of course I had to put that right up in the front!

Such a perfect ending to a perfect year!

Next week I'll be back from vacation with some fun posts to share.

Thanks for stopping by.


The Miller Five said...

I love the candy bouquet! And that fabric paper bag is fantastic! Have a great vacation. :)

Angie Larkin said...

I saw your guy walking out this morning with that awesome gift and I was trying to get a better look, but alas I was in a scandalously ugly night gown and couldn't bring myself to go outside in it! What a treat to see it up close! I LOVE the paper fabric. Where do you GET this stuff?!! LOVE IT!

Anna Zbacnik said...

I am a teacher--stumbled across your blog via pinterest. This is the most perfect gift. I save all of the heartfelt notes in a file in my desk--and pull them out each time I add a new one to the stash. The meaningful notes are the things that make my job the best--plus I wish your child was in my class--I love that bag!

texas is for lovers said...

I hope you are having a great vacation and I am pretty sure I am coveting that bag right about now. Actually, I haven;t been able to stop thinking about it!