Friday, April 15, 2011

A Special Easter Dress {All About Easter}

Our second amazing dose of Easter today comes from Jill at Made it on Monday.  I first met (well, you know, blog stalked her) when I found out she would be a contestant on Crafting with the Stars. Jill has a blog filled with crafting, sewing, DIY, and tutorials to make your life easier! ...And she must not have had enough competition in Crafting with the Stars, because now she is a contestant over at So You Think You're Crafty!She is one amazing girl. You really do need to check out her blog!  Here's Jill:

Hi! I’m Jill from Made it on Monday and I’m so excited to be a part of Kiki’s All About Easter Event! Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I loved waking up to an Easter basket full of goodies and surprises, church was always special and the afternoon was spent with friends and family. And we can’t forget the dresses… oh the dresses! I always had something special to wear, and many years my mom made it for me. The tradition has carried on, and even as an adult, I have to wear something extra nice on Easter. This event was the perfect motivation to make a dress for myself!

I found inspiration for the style through Mod Cloth and Shabby Apple, and my readers voted for the color of fabric.

The bodice came together exactly how I hoped it would, but the skirt was a different story. The first attempt looked like a bridesmaid dress from the early 90’s—no thank you! The second attempt was exactly what I wanted (I just did a simple circle skirt style), but the band at the middle was too wide and made the dress frumpy. Finally, at 1:45 in the morning, I found just the right look!

Easter Sunday is my biggest work day of the year—I lead the Children’s Ministries at my church. We’ll probably see about 500 kids this year which means I will be BUSY! I need a dress I can move around easily in and don’t need to wear a cardigan with, so I added soft fluttery sleeves.

And half the fun with a pretty dress is accessorizing! I added a rosette headband from my Etsy Shop, pearl earrings and necklace my dad bought for me in China, a light pink beads necklace and…

Raspberry pink shoes! A bright pop of color was too much fun! Now I can’t wait for Easter! It’ll be so much fun seeing all the pretty dresses and handsome clothes the little kids will be wearing, and I’ll love knowing I’m dressed up in something special too.

Amazing, as always, Jill!  Take a trip over to her blog..and make sure to follow don't want to miss out on any of her fun!

Don't forget to enter this week's giveaways. There are some really fun items up for grabs..come and check them out. (click on the image!)


Jill said...

Thanks for having me, Kiki, and for all the sweet words!

kali matthews said...

Beautiful dress! You are obviously talented. Love it.

Abby said...


i sure do remember you. :) voted for you in the contest. Glad you found my blog, I love reading yours. you make the cutest things!

Ramona said...

u are gorgeous! and the dress is pretty too. i have only know one other kiki and she was morbidly obese so i always pictured u that way lol

Creative Escapes said...

The dress is outstanding!

VICKI IN AZ said...

you are beautiful, i love these photos. xoxo