Thursday, March 17, 2011


There is one place that I can go every day of my life and feel calm and peace.  It is a place where I can feel myself, where I can be myself 110% and the people there know me 110%.  It is home.  I have been married now almost 9 years.  In those 9 years we have moved 9 times for school and jobs.  There have been places that we have lived that I have loathed. There have places that I fell in love with right away. And others that grew on me the longer I lived there.  But there was always home.  It was a house. It was an apartment. It was a town house.  But it was home. 

I hope each of you can relate with me on this one, but isn't home the best place to be?!  With this in mind, I designed a few new prints to show pride in YOUR home!

Apartment, Flat, Townhome, House...there is NO place like HOME.  Love how whimsical this one turned out!
a few details:

Where do you hang your heart?  Some would say where they are now. Others have not lived at "home" for awhile.  You choose where to put the heart AND any color combination you want
a few details:

For those who want a more simple look, choose where you would put your heart and the colors of the print you want.

I love the idea of using these as a wedding gift. Wouldn't this be fun to get when you are setting up your first home?!  I think it would even be fun to have one for each place you consider wall would certainly be filled up!
So excited about these new's always fun to get something a little "fresh" into the shop! You can go HERE to buy them.

What has made your home a home?

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The Weinbergs said...

I just discovered your blog via inspired by charm - i voted for your wreath - is it for sale? ;) love it! and I love your prints on etsy... the wheels are turning on which to purchase for my boys rooms. You are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Natalia Lynn said...

I need one because I live in France but love and miss southren california!