Sunday, February 6, 2011

a new print..and winner, winner!

What fun it was to look through all of your fun date ideas. I LOVE, LOVE Valentines Day..just the idea of showing and telling those you LOVE that you care for them in special ways is so fun!

Speaking of telling someone you love them, whether it be your significant other or your child or even your best friend...check out my newest print (hopefully you can see around the watermarks!):

Is there a sweeter message than that? Isn't it true that those we care most about and who care for us are those that are truly our "sunshine" when our skies are any way.  Or if you live in the northwest....since there is a gray sky there every once in awhile, it definitely applies literally to you as well!:)

It's up in my shop now..go check it out!

As for my winners..that's right..I picked two (or technically I had pick them for me!):

#1- Anna:
"I would love to go to a nicer dinner (not too nice...not my style), go out and do something adventurous with him, get some yummy ice cream or frozen yogurt, get a nice massage from him, and relax. Having the beach in the background would be nice, too. Love ya, Kiki!"

and #2-Mandy-Sugar Bee Craft Edition
"perfect date - anything without kids - - dinner, movie, browsing Target, whatever...."

Winners just email me at kikicreates at gmail dot com with your address and what color you want your words in..and I will get them right out to you!
For everyone else..20% off at my shop through Valentine's day. Enter the code LOVE20 at checkout!  Go pick up a sweet print.

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