Saturday, February 12, 2011

help a girl out.

I know. After 3 weeks are you sick of hearing me plead for your votes?

I promise just one more.

and to be quite honest..I  KNOW my duvet cover didn't take half as much time as some of those wedding dress?! AMAZING.

But I'd be happier than happy if you'd go cast your ONE vote for my Urban Outfitters Inspired bedding. Thanks a million!


Unknown said...

shout-out coming up later today on my blog - great job!!

WaterWorks Car Wash said...

Voted for you,Kiki! Actually, if those things were for sale, yours is the one I would buy. Good luck! Sheri

Kayla and Joshua said...

I voted AND your in the lead! Good luck!

Leslie said...

I voted! You are in second! Good luck!