Thursday, January 20, 2011

some "printed" reminders.

I really love the beginning of a new year. It feels fresh and new.  I know SO many people make resolutions and here in our family, we are no different.  One thing my husband and I decided this year was to find some ways to make our home even happier than what it is right now.  Sometimes we find ourselves raising our voices and getting frustrated when we shouldn't. Other times we find ourselves not putting others first. We certainly DO NOT want our children learning those lessons from us, so we came up with a little motto for our family and I thought I would share with you too:

It's already done wonders. All I have to say now (in a quiet voice) is "Sweet Words" and the boys snap right up! Love it! And truly I do believe when we speak nice and give to others, there is no better way to feel happy in this world!

And for the rest of those goals...isn't this TRULY the answer!

Doesn't matter what that goal is, your body is mortal and gets tired and worn out..but your MIND can change your body's actions.  I'm keeping my print of this in my bathroom so it's the first thing I see as I am getting ready in the morning.

Go Goals of 2011!:)

BTW..The Giveaway end on my facebook page for details.
If you want these prints, go ahead and click on them ..they will enlarge for you..then save them, print them, and be inspired!
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Vanessa said...

way cute Kiki!!! Thanks :)

Melinda said...

My new year's goal is to lose ALL the pregnancy weight! So I will make this into a magnet and put it in the best place for me, the fridge! Thanks!

Mique said...

Thank you so much for linking up to my pity Party! I looooove these! I need both of them. Off to print- thanks! xo, Mique

The Loops said...

YOu should put the top one as a printable in your shop!