Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hunting and winners.

There is one thing I absolutely love doing. That is to browse the internet for eye candy inspiration AND to buy some really great things. I. love. it. One of my favorite places still to look is etsy. I love it because I know what I am getting, someone put their heart into making, and it makes me happy to support artists.  That being said, I thought I'd show you a few of my favs as of late.
I LOVE this print. It is so whimsical and happy. It came from here.
Someday if and when I have another baby, THIS will have to be worn for a newborn shoot. Comes from here.

Lately I have been LOVING stripes, so naturally I would love these. From here.

and this is super cute as well. From here.

I think this whole idea is just too fun. I'm even thinking of recreating this in a tiny version on cupcakes..what do you think?  And of course I love the name of the SHOP!

We just got a set of new couches and this would look FABULOUS on them. From here.

and this just reminds me of fall over and over again. We fell in LOVE with Ohio after living there for 3 years. The people, the area, the cities..we love OHIO..but more importantly LOVE our buckeyes..I think this would just fit nicely with ANY outfit..especially on gameday! Found here.

So there we go, a little bit of happy randomness. How about you? Any fun sites or products you love or inspire you? Leave a link in the comments!

Thanks to all who entered the contest.  I wish I could just send and give out prints to all of you!  According to the number generator the winners are:

kerstin said...

My favorite quote is "Come what may and love it" so that would of course be my favorite! :)


Joy Taylor said...

You are so talented, Kiki! I really love all the unique colors and patterns.

and I couldn't leave it at just that so I picked 2 more..I know..bad!:)
so.. RNG also said the winners are..

cheeks said...

yay! you're back! i hope i win....but i still don't know what i'd choose! i love them all!


kristie said...

fingers crossed! please pick me!

Congrats, me at kikicreates {at} gmail {dot} com with your address and print of choice!..and for everyone else who commented I will give 20%  off for the next week on all prints in my shop.


Nate and Jessica said...

I love that print at the top. Way cute. Oh if only we had more hours in the day to browse etsy...

kristie said...

YAYAYAYAY! Thanks Kiki

cheeks said...

i'm so excited for my print...i think i've finally narrowed it down to what i want! thank you!