Wednesday, April 14, 2010

product feature: the custom dress

At least one time a month I want to feature some of the items in my Shoppe, just to give a little more detail on them and answer any questions about them.  Today I will feature the item that made me want to start my shoppe in the first place.  Today I will feature the CUSTOM DRESS

What is a custom dress you ask?

These special dress packages include one A-line or smocked dress in YOUR CHOICE of colors.  Do you know what colors you want?  Tell me, and I will buy fabrics in those colors and put them together in a whole outfit package. Don't know what you want?  I am more than willing to put together a cute look for you.  This package also comes with one removable brooch on the dress, one set of matching leg warmers, and one hair accessory.

One thing that I love best about this dress is that once it gets too short to be a dress, wear it as a tunic over some leggings or jeans and it is just the sweetest thing ever!  Don't believe me, check this out:

This was my daughter when she fit the dress as a dress:

This is her 6 months later wearing it as a tunic:
It is so cute!
Let me show you the way it all comes together.

When someone orders they may say, I want the color combo of black, white, green, and pink...or I want something with red, black and white, etc.

I take that and make it into a dress:

and then I do the rest of the package:

leg warmers and hair clip
yummy, yummy! look at all those layers. This is an example of a hair accessory.
This customer didn't want the leg warmers and asked for extra hair accessories instead.
Then I gather all of the package together.  One of my favorite parts is packaging it all!
(don't you LOVE this color combo!)
And then tie it all together with a ribbon and tag.

I don't want my customer getting this sweet little bit of happy mail in a plain brown box, so I dress it up just a bit...

and then pack it in just so.

There! Wouldn't you love to get some happy mail like this?!

Each month I will do 5 custom dress orders.  They would be PERFECT for a baby shower, a birthday present, family pictures (I can make the smocked dress in ANY size!), etc.  The A-line dress comes in a 6-12 month, 12-24 month, and 2T size. 

So that is the custom dress!  Do you want one right now? Go here to order it.  Have any questions about the custom dress?  What do you think of it?


Murray Clan said...

So cute and creative, I hope you don't mind, but I just put a link on FB for all of my friends with girls!

ryan and berni said...

I am in love with that black and red dress!! I need to have another baby just so I can have an excuse to buy it!

Melinda said...

I love love love them. Please be a girl, please be a girl.... Just kidding. My sister called me so excited when she received her dress. Don't be surprised if she orders another one soon!